Everyone wants to get laid, but if you’re single and have a job, you’re pretty much fucked. How are you gonna find the time to work, socialize, sleep, exercise and still go out and hit on chicks? Online dating’s gonna save your ass, and you’ll learn just how by going through this article.

Why are sex dating platforms popular?

When you can access everything you want or need from the palm of your hand, it makes life a hell of a lot easier. You don’t need to waste time going to the store and picking out groceries if you have a list and can just send it to someone else, and have them bring it to you. You get to use that time for a better purpose. There’s a bunch of reasons why people love online dating, but first let me help you contrast the difference between finding partners offline and online:

Finding an adult partner offline:

  • Sometimes girls are just out to have a night out with their friends, and don’t wanna be hit on. Doesn’t matter how suave and charming you are, they just wanna have fun with the ladies. Other times, they have a boyfriend and you have no way of knowing.
  • There’s lot of lesbian chicks who just won’t be into you, and you can’t ‘convince’ them otherwise no matter how hard you try.
  • The crowds aren’t kind to shy people. You’ll always feel like all eyes are on you, and that means you’re way more likely to fuck up and embarass yourself in front of some pretty ladies.
  • Hitting on chicks one by one eat up time, and you won’t know if a girl’s interested in coming home with you or not till the end of the conversation. Do you really wanna risk wasting your night for a girl who isn’t even gonna put out?

Finding an adult partner online:

  • You can set filters to browse people who fit your criteria. Every person you talk to will be your type. Like redheads younger than 25? The apps will show you only those ladies and no others.
  • You can text as many girls as you want at the same time, across multiple apps. It doesn’t matter if they’re across the country, you can still flirt with them.
  • You can multitask. If you’ve got a slow day at work or you’re taking the bus home, you can whip out your phone and start sweet talking the ladies online and see if you can set up something saucy for the night to come.
  • The price to get into local adult dating sites for one month is usually cheaper than the money you’d spend to get into a club and what you’d spend on drinks there.

What kind of people should use adult dating sites?

Can’t figure out if using a local adult dating site is for you? No matter the case, believe me when I tell you it’s something you gotta try at least once. If you find yourself in any of the following categories though, I can guarantee you’ll love using a free sex dating platform:

  • You’re a bachelor living the envied life. You did great pulling chicks in clubs and bars, but now you wanna try and see if you’ll be as successful using dating apps. And you will be.
  • You wanna enjoy the forbidden fruit that is extramarital affairs. If your wife doesn’t cut it for you, why should you lay around without the occasional good fuck? There’s hundreds of chicks on any given hookup dating site looking for an exciting life, and you can provide.
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What are the benefits of hooking up online?

Everyday people decide to commit to online dating instead of the tedious hassle of offline dating. Can’t put a finger on the reason why? I’ve got your back, bud:

Saving time

People often wonder what it is that rich people spend money on. I’ll let you in on a secret, they buy time. All that mundane shit, like going grocery shopping, cooking three meals a day doing your laundry, washing your car, all that time is saved by them paying someone else to do it for them. Why shouldn’t you do the same with hookup apps? Instead of travelling to a club, paying for drinks, hitting on chicks, failing and repeating until someone takes a liking to you, you can sit at home or in the office with your phone. Talk to as many girls as you want, and you’re doing whatever you feel like at the same time.

No limit to the people you talk to at once

In real life you can hit on one girl at a time. If you’re a real casanova, maybe 2. Online? It could be literally dozens. No one’s gonna stop you, and you get a better shot at finding someone to bring home.

What is the best hookup site?

Picking the best hookup site for you won’t be an easy task. A lot of things factor into it, and the answer is different for different people. You gotta pick a site which is popular among the demographic you wanna date, in the area you live in. You need to keep an eye out on whether a site is discreet or not if you’re trying for an extramarital affair. The only way to figure out which site works best for you is through trial and error. That might sound tedious given the thousands of adult sex dating sites online, but I’ve decided to help you out with a nifty top 10 list. You’re bound to find the right here:

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The dating site social media giants don’t want you to know about. The chicks here are filled with lust, and the men have the stamina prowess to satisfy them. Don’t you wanna be grouped up with them? The site might be a little vanilla in terms of kinks, but it’s one of the hotspots if you wanna get some good old fucking done, without any of the belts or harnesses. It’s easy to get laid with the thousands of users online at any time, you just gotta hit it off with one of them. You even get to see how close different users are, just in case you don’t feel like driving an hour just to get laid. Men like you have got better ways to spend the night than driving an hour to a chick, when you could just walk across the block and have Fuckbook find you an even hotter babe..

Ashley Madison

Everyone’s heard of Ashley Madison. Bored housewives and travelling husbands love to use it, and you’re a hot commodity on the site if you’re married or engaged. There’s something extra spicy about doing something morally wrong, but still feels so good. Life is short, and you should have an affair. Ashley Madison’s here to make it happen, discreetly. When you’re done, you get to go back home to your cozy home life like it never happened. When you’re bored, hit up the site again, and before you know it you’re balls deep in a housewife whose husband’s on a business trip to Indonesia. Ain’t that living the dream? Just remember, you might wanna pony up for a paid account, or else your messaging privileges will be severely limited.


You’re a busy person. Emotional attachments take time, and that’s the one resource you don’t have enough to spare. Everyone needs a physical companion though, even if it’s just for one night. Fling can help you find that companion at the push of a few buttons. Like Hozier said, you’ll be the one to ‘fall in love everyday with someone new’. One night of heated passion, and you’ll never see them again. You’ll be living every guy’s dream, if you learn how to use Fling. It’s one of the top casual sex dating sites the internet has to offer, and you’d be a real special dummy to not take advantage of it. Want the full experience? Shell out for a premium account, and you can message as many people as you want, as many times as you’d like.


You wanna be naughty, but coming across someone like-minded to bang ain’t easy out on the streets. Chicks are picky, or just not in the mood. BeNaughty solves all that. Everyone on BeNaughty’s got one goal: Get some hot action. Even if you can’t meet in person right off the bat, you can make use of the nifty one on one video call feature. Phone calls got even hotter with video in it, and no pandemic is gonna stop you from getting some action. Remember, you gotta pay for the premium subscription if you wanna send unlimited messages or make video calls. A small price to pay, but the platform definitely provides services worth way more than the price of admission.


No strings attached sex, quick and easy to find. That’s the dream, and SnapSext turns it into reality. There’s no room for bonding experiences and romantic dates. You meet, see if there’s chemistry, and head over to the closest motel. Everyone’s on the move these days, and SnapSext adapted by putting their hookup app on iOS. Suddenly get the urge to do the deed while you’re out with the boys? You don’t need to leave them to hit on some chick anymore. Just text the babes on SnapSext on the sly, and set up a meet after your party. Now you’re on everyone’s good side, and you’re getting the action you wanted.


Hooking up with chicks in your state is gonna be infinitely easier when you finally get on FlirtState. Hot babes are aplenty, and if you’ve got the premium membership, getting it on with them is gonna be a piece of cake. Membership comes with credit purchases instead of a monthly fee. You pay for the amount you use the website, instead of paying for a whole month and feeling obligated to use the site even when you don’t feel like it. It’s time you jump on this hype train, cause FlirtState is only getting bigger.

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When a stud like you hooks up with someone, you don’t wanna get dragged into talks about feelings or the future. Life would be great if you could find like-minded chicks, right? I got news for you. NoStringsHookups is full of people who just wanna fuck, without any of the bullshit that comes attached. They’re just here to have a fun, physical time. You’re even guaranteed confidentiality, so you can rest easy if you’re going behind your wife’s back. Don’t feel like sleeping with someone tonight? You can still browse videos different users put up, watch live webcams, watch model’s webcams, join a model’s fan club and even view a list of people who peep on your profile. A good time is guaranteed.


You wanna get laid, but you don’t wanna leave the cozy confines of your home. That being said, you also don’t wanna shell out a lot of money on hookup sites trying to find a babe to bang. This is where SPdate comes in. The platform is almost entirely free to use, and you only need to pay for the exclusive features which’ll make getting a chick easier, but you can still do just fine without. Besides going easy on your wallet, SPdate also has an app on both iOS and Android. Setting up hookups while you’re on the move is easy as pie now. Are you really gonna skip out on the chance to get your dick wet, easier than ever before?


Despite the name, FuckSwipe is a premium tier website, dedicated to making sure all their patrons get the highest quality matches. That’s why even their trial memberships cost money. Naturally, this means almost the entire site is locked to free users, all you can do is window shop. Once you’ve got the moolah to use it though, oh boy. It’s sluts galore, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with a hundred dollar bill. That extra you gotta pay is offset by the quality of service you receive. Think you’re man enough to give it a shot?


JucyDate doesn’t pretend to be family friendly. It isn’t a wholesome dating platform where you can find your happily ever after, and it doesn’t masquerade as such. They specialize in helping you find a partner for raw, dirty sex. Even the profile pictures are all half naked or sexually suggestive in some way, so you can’t risk opening the site in a public setting, unless you’re the daring type. Lucky for you, there’s no catch about the app. You can find chicks in your area using the filter system, message them and set up hookup meets, provided you’ve got the silver tongue to sweep them off their feet.

To sum up

There’s hundreds of sites that offer sex dating for free, and others that offer better service for a premium. No matter the case, they make the process of setting up a one night stand infinitely easier than ever before. No more tedious nights spent in a bar you hate, just so you have a sliver of hope to not spend the night alone. The sites are easy to use, and pretty affordable. In most cases, you get a taste of what they offer before you have to shell out cash. All in all, online dating is here to stay. It’s convenient, and as time goes on more people will swap to this platform. The quicker you hop aboard and get used to the bells and whistles, the better prepared you will be to take advantage of the influx of new users. Good luck, champ!